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ART and Sustainability


to spread sustainability through art 
 encouraging the use of bicycles for improving urban mobility
influence conscious consumption practices

          Pé de Vela – Art and Sustainability is a project that arises to share artistic experiences and spaces for socializing and dialogue about urban life, conscious consumption and organic food. This Project is a fruit of the experiencie from Cia PALMA with street art, bicycle trips, and dialogue about agroforestry system dynamics. At diferent times as artists, Isandria de Azevedo and Renata Nascimento experienced through life these experiences, and put into practice the idea, merging art and sustainability in the Cultural Entrepreneur Award – 3ª Edition (Prêmio Empreendedor Cultural – 3ª Edição). 
          With their desire to make a good impact on the environment, the duo travels from city to city, in their Blender-bike!

pdv 2.jpg



In the Pé de Vela show, two creatures find discards in the trash and transform them into objects for manipulation. Through old shoes, bicycle parts and broken umbrellas, they create the scenary. In a mini blender bicycle, they prepare fruit juice. And they toast to a new society habits, seed banks, a more sustainable life and great inventions!


performance and creation: 

Isandria de Azevedo & Renata Nascimento

sound track: 

Carina Levitan & Guilherme Ceron

duration: 35 min

Pé de Vela

Pé de Vela

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