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They are BUSKERS,  who use the street as scenery, cross countries by car, train or bicycle. In their luggage, they carry the charm of the art of comic juggling. They cycled more than 400 km, taking the Pé de Vela project on  the backseat. An art and sustainability project that unfolds in show, organic seeds exchange and bike rides.

           Together they have toured cities in Brazil, Europe and Asia, reaching an audience  of more than 50,000 people with the show Second Try. The company's first show, The Ounce in the Hat, was seen by thousands of people from the south and northeast of Brazil. And in the countries of Malta, Italy and Croatia.

           This is the Companhia PALMA, created by Isandria Fermiano and Renata Nascimento, who since 2014, through her art, continues to cross borders and promote affectionate meetings around the world.

          Access their website and learn more about these itinerant women.

          Cia PALMA is always ready to travel to big cities and small villages, their are waiting for your contact!

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