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Project  Pé de Vela

 What We Want 

  • to spread sustainability through art sustentabilidade 

  •  encouraging the use of bicycles for improving urban mobility  

  • to disclose conscious consumption practices


Bike Rider          

Street Show                

    Organic Seeds Exchange


          In the show Pé de Vela, Isandria and Renata present the adventures of two bicycle travelers carrying Juggle Clubs, recycled bags made of broken umbrellas, plants in old shoes, and a really good mood to face the up and downs of the road! From the junkyard and gattering discarded objects in the streets, they turn their bikes into a beautiful scenery of stimulation about a life with simplicty and quality, caring for the cyclist in traffic and awareness of excessive garbage production.

performance and creation: Isandria Fermiano e Renata Nascimento

sound track: Carina Levitan  e Guilherme Ceron

duration: 35 min


Verão Cultural, Rio Grande/RS, Brazil,2018

Virada Sustentável, Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil, 2018


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